Satcher, Chick & Kapfer, Inc. Satcher, Chick & Kapfer, Inc.
Satcher, Chick & Kapfer, Inc. Satcher, Chick & Kapfer, Inc.
Our Approach

SATCHER, CHICK & KAPFER, INC. actively encourages client participation. Our approach in assisting our client is to first, ensure that a positive relationship is maintained with the assessing jurisdictions, second, determine if the real and personal property assessments are at the lowest legitimate values and, third, assist your company in reducing any over assessments to real and personal property. To accomplish this we:

  1. Review in detail the real and personal property records, fixed asset ledgers, personal property tax filings, etc.

  2. Visit each property to tour the site and physically inspect the real and personal property assets with the appropriate engineering staff.

  3. Prepare a summary write-up for each category of assets comparing the county's assessed value of assets to SATCHER, CHICK & KAPPER's recommended value of assets.

  4. Prepare a fully documented report on those properties/assets that are over-assessed and, review in detail all our findings, documentation and recommendations with you for your concurrence, before any findings are presented to the local assessor. Any findings you do not concur with are not presented to the assessor.

    Upon completion of steps 1-4, you will be ready to proceed to steps 5 & 6:

  5. File an appeal on over-assessed real and personal property with the taxing jurisdiction.

  6. Prepare and/or amend and file the personal property tax return reflecting the correct value with the taxing jurisdiction.

In addition to expertise in determining fair market values of real and tangible personal property assets for ad valorem purposes, we also have over thirty years of experience in representing clients before county and state ad valorem jurisdictions. We are well versed in their ad valorem practices and procedures and in presenting our fair market value position in a manner most likely to be accepted by the jurisdiction.