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Satcher, Chick & Kapfer, Inc. Satcher, Chick & Kapfer, Inc.
Tax Services
SATCHER, CHICK & KAPFER, INC. can provide tangible benefits to your organization and its ultimate profitability. Since taxes are a major expense, savings in this area directly improve the bottom line of your company. Critical to the control of property taxes is the implementation of a thorough program. SATCHER, CHICK & KAPFER will serve as an extension of your tax department, performing research analysis, compliance and tax litigation support. As advocates for your organization, SATCHER, CHICK & KAPFER knows the importance of identifying the most pertinent facts in order to successfully minimize your company's real and personal property taxes.
We know the local real estate market, the assessors and understand the impact of today's economy on your property. There is no question the current economy has negatively impacted both real and personal property values.
To support our findings we provide the following services:
Personal Property Tax Services
We are well versed in the ad valorem practices and procedures and in presenting our market value position in a non-confrontational and fully documented manner consistently accepted by assessing jurisdictions.
  • Work with the client in creating and maintaining an accurate and current tax calendar.
  • Provide asset reconciliation designed to minimize tax liabilities through reclassifying assets based on accelerated depreciation, removal of ghost assets and filing and/or applying for exemptions.
  • Identify both functional and/or economic obsolescence which can reduce the value of the personal property assets.
  • Prepare and/or amend all renditions for filing.
  • Provide assessment notice verification of rendered values.
  • Audit and approve all payment of tax bills.
Real Estate Tax Services
  • Review all real property values to determine the accuracy of each assessment and the basis of the assessed value. This would include identifying all forms of functional and/or economic obsolescence which effects the assessed values.
  • Review the appeal position with the client and determine the validity and cost effectiveness of filing an appeal.
  • Provide an appeal calendar and track all appeal filing deadlines.
  • File an appeal when warranted and agreed upon, to the appropriate jurisdiction review board.
  • Provide a report showing the change in assessment and the tax savings impact for the company.
  • Provide litigation and appraisal support to clients seeking further relief at the court level when necessary.